Truck Pull

Jim Anderson & Joe Henry --Superintendents
Phone: 618-592-3861 or 618-592-4117

Premiums Offered $2,800.00
Driver and one helper will receive a pit pass upon registration
Stock Class Entry Fee $15.00
Thursday's truck pull goverenered by Central Illinois Truck Pullers Association

Thursday, July 29 at 7:00 p.m.
Entry Fee $15.00
Purse - $700.00
1st, $150.00; 2nd, $125.00; 3rd, $100.00; 4th, $80.00; 5th, $70.00; 6th, $60.00; 7th, $55.00; 8th, $50.00
1st place trophy; 2nd thru 8th, Rosette

C.I.T.P.A. Truck Pul
2370. 5,800 lb. Combined
2371. 6,200 lb. Combined

Stock Class
2372. 6,500 lb. 4-Wheel Stock Truck - Gas Only
2373. 7,600 lb. 4-Whell Stock Truck - Gas and Diesel

Stock 4-Wheel Drive Truck Rules

  1. Weigh-in 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Mont Eagle Mills West Edge of Oblong.
  2. Driver must have valid drivers license.
  3. Truck must be highway legal, licensed, and insured.
  4. Stock class trucks cannot be trailered to and from scales.
  5. Stock engine and drive train must be available for retail purchase for make, model and year. Aluminum intake allowed.
  6. No weights or brackets on outside of truck. Weights in bed must be secured.
    Any lost weights will result in disqualification.
  7. No traction bars or blocked suspension.
  8. No barred or cut tires.
  9. Suspension lift allowed: 4 inches maximum.
  10. Sled chain must be tight before starting pull.
  11. Seat belt must be worn.
  12. Same entry can only run once.
  13. Maximum hitch height 27", 23" for 2-wheel in stock class
  14. Hitching device must have 3" opening and be rigid in all directions

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