Crawford County Fair
Class G Swine Show

Erica Hatfield - PH. 618-554-0922

Premiums Offered $9,000.00
See rules Governing Swine for Entry and Exhibition
Entries close 6 p.m. Saturday, July 21, 2018
Entry Fee $20.00 on winners only
Pens $19.00 per head
Open to the State of Illinois
Breed Order is as follows:
Berkshire, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, Polands, Spots, Yorkshire & AOBís

Changes: Show to be held in 4-h Barn Tuesday July 24, 2018 at 4 P.M.

Animals must stay 72 hours before being released can start moving in on Friday
Open show swine must be in place by 6 P.M. on Sunday  Weigh in will start at 6 P.M. that Sunday.
All crossbred animals will be weighed. Scales are located in the 4-h barn so please prepare for this.
Open to exhibitors 5 - 21 as of Jan 1, 2018
All animal entered in purebred classes are required to have registration papers at check in. Paper must match exhibitor’s name in which they are entered.
Ear Notch Identification is acceptable for barrow, crossbred gilts and breeding as long as they are in-state hogs.
Barrows and gilts will be shown by breeds- Duroc, Hampshire, York, Landrace, Berkshire, Spot, Poland-china, Chester White, Crossbred and AOB *if there are less than 4 per class we will show January and February together
Crossbred barrow and Crossbred gilts- up to 8 classes depending on entries.
Non Crawford County 4-h animals will be required to house in the open show barn on the East side of the fairgrounds. Loading to trailer for day of show is acceptable but  please note parking is limited and please be courteous to those already parked and do not block anyone in.

Show will be as follows:    

Pens $19.00 per head
Purse $270.00
First $75.00; Second $70.00; Third $65.00; Fourth $60.00

Important announcement - entry fees
Entry fees will no longer be deducted from the premium check, due to a change in state regulations. On Friday, July 27, 2018 when premium checks are available, the exhibitor will be required to pay entry fees for exhibits entered. Entry fees are collected for winners only. Exhibitor will not receive the premium check until , the entry fees are collected. No checks will be mailed till entry fees are collected. If exhibitor wants to have premium checks mailed, must pay entry fees before leaving fair.

Class G        
First Name     
Last Name      
Street Address 
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Stall Rent Due: Head Count:

Only two entries per number are allowed per exhibitor


670. January Barrow
671. Febuary Barrow
672. Champion Barrow $10.00
673. January Gilt
674. February Gilt
675. Champion Gilt $10.00


680. January Barrow
681. Feburary Barrow
682. Champion Barrow $10.00
683. January Gilt
684. February Gilt
685. Champion Gilt $10.00


690. January Barrow
691. Feburary Barrow
692. Champion Barrow $10.00
693. January Gilt
694. Febuary Gilt
695. Champion Gilt $10.00


700. January Barrow
701. Feburary Barrow
702. Champion Barrow $10.00
703. January Gilt
704. February Gilt
705. Champion Gilt $10.00


710. January Barrow
711. Feburary Barrow
712. Champion Barrow $10.00
713. January Gilt
714. February Gilt
715. Champion Gilt $10.00

720. January Barrow
721. Feburary Barrow
722. Champion Barrow $10.00
723. January Gilt
724. February Gilt
725. Champion Gilt $10.00

730. January Barrow
731. Feburary Barrow
732. Champion Barrow $10.00
733. January Gilt
734. February Gilt
735. Champion Gilt $10.00

740. January Barrow
741. Febuary Barrow
742. Champion Barrow $10.00
743. January Gilt
744. February Gilt
745. Champion Gilt $10.00
Total Crossbred Barrow :*These classes will be determined by weight*

760. Overall Champion Boar
760. Overall Champion Boar
760. Overall Champion Boar
760. Overall Champion Boar Crossbred Gilt :*These classes will be determined by weight*
760. Overall Champion Gilt
760. Overall Champion Gilt
760. Overall Champion Gilt
760. Overall Champion Gilt

760. Overall Champion Barrow $100.00 plus trophy


761. Overall Champion Gilt $100.00 plus trophy


Type the above number:

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