Crawford County Fair
Class I1 Rabbits Show

JD Sharrett, Superintendent
Ph. 618-553-8889 or 812-841-1561


Premiums Offered $1,764.00
Purse $46.00
Entry Fee, $4.500 on winners only
1st, $13.00; 2nd, $12.00; 3rd, $11.00; 4th, $10.00

SHOW RULES - According to ARBA rules and regulations

  1. The Crawford County Fair Association will not be responsible for loss in case of fire or theft, accidents or destruction. However, every precaution will be taken to eliminate all dangers of mistakes in the show room and return of stock.
  2. This association reserves the right to substitute another judge in case of inability to officiate.
  3. All stock must be permanently earmarked.
  4. The judge's decision will be final.
  5. All diseased animals will be prohibited.
  6. Open to State of Illinois and surrounding States
  7. Pens should be reserved by Wednesday, July 21, 2021
  8. Entries must be in by Saturday, July 24, 2021, 6:00 p.m.
  9. Due to the uncertainity of covid restrictions for the 2021 fair. Livestock will be released as soon as show is over. If you have any questions about show times, be sure to contact department superintendent.
  10. Rabbit judging Monday July, 26, 2021 after 4-H Judging
Important announcement - entry fees
Entry fees will no longer be deducted from the premium check, due to a change in state regulations. On Friday, July 30, 2021 when premium checks are available, the exhibitor will be required to pay entry fees for exhibits entered. Entry fees are collected for winners only. Exhibitor will not receive the premium check until , the entry fees are collected. No checks will be mailed till entry fees are collected. If exhibitor wants to have premium checks mailed, must pay entry fees before leaving fair.

Class I1       
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Head Count:

Mini LopOther Breeds 4 class

Florida White

Other Breeds 6 class

Mini Rex - All Colors

900. Sr. Buck
901. Sr. Doe
902. Jr. Buck
903. Jr. Doe

Mini Lop - All Colors

910. Sr. Buck
911. Sr. Doe
912. Jr. Buck
913. Jr. Doe


All Other Breeds 4 Class

940. Sr. Buck
941. Sr. Doe
942. Jr. Buck
943. Jr. Doe

Total Satin - All Colors

950. Sr. Buck
951. Sr. Doe
952. 6/8 Buck
953. 6/8 Doe
954. Jr. Buck
955. Sr. Buck

Total Californian

960. Sr. Buck
961. Sr. Doe
962. 6/8 Buck
963. 6/8 Doe
964. Jr. Buck
965. Jr. Doe

Total All Other Breeds 6 Class

990. Sr. Buck
991. Sr. Doe
992. 6/8 Buck
993. 6/8 Doe
994. Jr. Buck
995. Jr. Doe


BEST - any breed

1000. Best Fur, all varieties $10.00, $9.00, $8.00
1001. Best Doe and Litter, under 8 wks. $10.00, $9.00, $8.00
1002. Best Meat Pen, any 3 rabbits 5lbs and under $20.00, $18.00, $15.00, $12.00
1003. Champion Rabbit $15.00
1004. Reserve Champion $10.00

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