Demo Regulations

Superintendent -B.J. Osborn PH. 618-562-4808

Compacts, Pickups, Powderpuff, 14 & 15 yr. old Compact Class- 7:00 p.m. -Friday, July 28, 2017
Full Size - Stock Class - 14 & 15 yr. old Compact Class - 7:00 p.m. - Thursday, July 27, 2017


Stock Regulations: Select here for Youth Class
$25.00 Entry Fee to be paid night of event
Passenger Fee: $20.00
Pit Pass $15.00
No entries taken after 6:00 p.m.
No trucks, convertibles, jeeps, hearses. limousines, checker cabs No Chrysler Imperials of Suicide Lincoln's, and No Imperial Sub Frames. are allowed.
"Each Driver and Mechanics Have an Obligation to Read the Rules for their Best Interest."

Thursday, July 28, 2016 At 7:00 p.m.
Classes: Light Mods, Stock
Friday, July 29, 2016 At 7:00 p.m.
Classes: Compact, Truck, Powder Puff
Entry Fee $25.00 on all classes to be paid night of event
Passenger Fee $20.00
Pit Passes $15.00
* No entries taken at 6:00 P.M.
No Chrysler Imperials, Convertible(s), Jeeps, Hearses or Limousines are allowed*
"Each Driver and Mechanic have an Obligation to read the Rules for their best Interest."
***Be Prepared to run more than one heat***
Rules And Regulations - For ALL CLASSES
A. Each driver must fill out an entry blank. All drivers must supply their own cars, Only one per person. Proof of ownership may be required on each car entered.
B. All drivers and/or pit person(s) 16 or 17 years of age must have a notarized release signed by his/her parent or guardian.
C. The track or promoters reserves the RIGHT to APPROVE or REJECT ANY and ALL entries.
D. Only drivers, owners, mechanics, etc. who sign a release sheet will be permitted in the pit area or on the track. Drivers ONLY to receive free pit pass upon registration of car on day of show. No one will be allowed in the pit area without a pit pass.
E. Any driver or crew member disobeying the rules will cause his/her car to be disqualified. Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew members.
F. The Fair Association will not be held responsible for any cars, parts or personal property before, during and after the show or overnight.

1. Towing and transporting DEMOLITION DERBY cars to and from race location(s) must meet highway safety codes (including proper light controls, safety chains, tow bars, towing trailers etc).
1. Any American made, hardtop automobile or station wagon is allowed. EXCEPT CHRYSLER IMPERIAL.
*No Convertible(s), Jeeps, Hearses, Limousines are allowed*
(Remove ALL the following prior to arriving at Fairground or Track)
1. All glass including windshield, side windows, rear windows, head and tail lights, WILL BE REMOVED PRIOR TO ENTERING FAIRGROUNDS.** Rolling Windows down are NOT Permitted**
2. Chrome molding strips and the bottom portion of rear seats must be removed. All rear decking and seat from station wagons must be removed.
3. Any sharp protruding fins or dangerous objects (mash down or cut off).
4. No special (reinforcements) fabrications, or trailer hitches. If bumpers are welded, it must be stock, NO aftermarket mounts. No welding, patching or fabrications of frames. Bumpers must have stock mounts. Bumper skins may be welded. MUST LEAVE ENDS OF BUMPERS OPEN!
5. Welded solid or chained down engine mounts are recommended. # 1 Spark plug CAN NOT be behind ball joint.
6. Radiators must remain in original position or be taken off. Comparable replacement radiators are permitted. Transmission cooler are permitted in engine compartment or in the drivers compartment, but must be securely fastened.
7. Roll bars or cages are allowed but not necessary. Roll bars are not to extend 8" past the back of the front seat, in upright position, and to be supported. Halo bars can be ran.
8. All doors must be fastened shut by wire, straps, chains or welded for the driver's safety. Doors can be welded solid. No gussets on rear windows of any wagon. Also no fabrications welded on the top of the car.
9. Two batteries any size allowed. If battery is to be moved from original position, it must be placed on floorboard of driver's compartment, and securely fastened and covered.
10. Cutting fenders for wheel clearance only is permissible and ends of bumpers may be cut off.
11. Hood, may be fastened in eight (8) places. Trunk or tailgate may be fastened down in eight (8) places, with only two (2) strands of wire through each hole. If all thread is used, it may only be used in four (4) places on hood of car, 1" diameter limit. All thread must be store bought. Can be welded to frame, with no excessive bracketing of all thread to frame. NO sleeves on all threads. NO welds on hoods. Wiring must be from sheet metal to sheet metal. No other wiring to bumpers or frame. Inspection official will make decisions on over use of wire. Hood must be left open until after inspection. Hood must come to inspection area with vehicle.
12. Drivers door must be painted white for safety and numbering. Special numbers are permitted. If not painted $10.00 charge per door will be assessed to have it painted. If passenger is riding both front doors must be painted.
13. Stock gas tans must be removed from original position and placed in rear passenger area and not farther forward than the rear of the front seat. All tanks must be securely fastened to floor and covered. A portable tank is recommended in place of the original. Gas lines and fittings to fuel tank must be secured and leak proof. Only metal or rubber gas lines permitted. NO PLASTIC! Electric fuel pumps can be used with a lighted switch that is visible.
14. Auto must be swept clean. NO junk tires, wheels, metal parts, broken glass etc. allowed in car.
15. It is recommended the driver's door be reinforced inside with steel bar, angle iron or pipe. Length not to extend more than eight inches (8") on either side of driver's door.
16. It is MANDATORY that three (3) openings be cut in hood approximately 14-18" square or diameter, if not using headers. Hood and trunk latches must be removed. Also recommended that a whole be cut in middle of trunk lid for visibility.
17. NO restriction on tire sizes. You may use mud tires. NO liquid permitted in tires. NO stud or screws in rims to hold tires. ALL wheel weights MUST be REMOVED!
18. A strong wire or nylon mesh screen is recommended on drivers window and windshield area. Plexiglass is permitted in drivers windshield.
19. A-Arms can be bolted or welded if weld is no more than 2 straps 1/4" thick by 2" wide and no more than 6" inches long. Rear end can be chained in two (2) places. Rear bumper must be no lower than 20" from ground to bottom of bumper.
20. No switching of sub-frames
21. May cross engine to different makes.
22. No added sheet metal braces to interior or exterior of car of any kind except what is outlined in rules.
23. No flags, cans or any objects mounted to top of car. Numbered roof signs can be ran only.
24. No bolts or screws of any kind in hood, trunk or fenders.
25. Body can NOT be welded to frame. Frames seams can be welded from front of A-arm forward. No chains from sheet metal to frame or from frame to frame. Coil springs cars can run hump plates 22" inches long and no thicker than 1/4 " thick, 11" inches each way from the center of the hump. NO frame shaping.
26. 2003 and newer must have stock cradle "NO AFTER MARKET" "NO FABRICATIONS AROUND IT".
1. Safety belt, Z-90 approved helmet, goggles or face shields are required.
2. No deliberate head-on collisions ad no deliberate hitting on driver's door. STRICTLY ENFORCED!
3. Vehicles must have dependable brakes at all times and boundaries must be observed. Any car shoved or driven out of bounds may immediately be disqualified if it is a safety hazard!
4. NO DRINKING OF ALCHOLOIC BEVERAGES on track, emergency vehicle area or in the pit area. Any driver, pit person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be immediately disqualified and removed from the grounds. Coolers WILL BE CHECKED and CONFISCATED if any ALCOHOL, until the duration of the race.
5. No cars are permitted in the competition area before the heat in which they are to participate.
6. A vehicle will be disqualified if the driver's door comes open during a heat.
7. One minute limit is enforced by the track officials for restarts and making competitive contact with another car. Hits must be aggressive. Simple contact within the time limit does not constitute combat and could be considered sandbagging.
8. All cars are to be removed from the Fairgrounds or race track following the show or they will become property of the Fair Association and the officials will have them removed (unless otherwise specified at the driver's meeting. ) A removal deposit may be required in some cases.
9. A $75.00 protest fee is required to contest another car.
10. A fire extinguisher is recommended at close reach in driver's compartment.
11. There will be two inspections of the cars. One in the pit area before the derby begins and one immediately before entering the track for the feature.
12. Heat Race winners and feature winner cars will be re-inspected. If a car is suspected of any reinforcement causing no bending or damage to car, money's and trophies WILL NOT be given.
( Additional safety regulations may be imposed, depending on track)
** If it says you CAN do it- DO IT. If it does not say do it- THEN DO NOT DO IT!**
** Derby officials have the FINAL DECISIONS
Approximately four (4) gallons of gas permitted per heat.
Inspection officials will give final approval on tans and fittings.

Stock Regulations:
$25.00 Entry Fee to be paid night of event
$20.00 Passenger Fee
$15.00 Pit Pass
No entries taken after 6:00 p.m.
No trucks, convertibles, jeeps, hearses, limousines, checker cabs or Chrysler Imperials of suicide.
**** See rules and regulations above.****
*Preparation of Car listed above. * Along with the following:
MANDATORY- Front windshield must have a loop of #9 wire from roof to firewall for safety. Two (2) loops of #9 wire only in one (1) spot.

1. Radiator must be in stock position. Any automotive type radiator can be used.
2. Radiator MUST be OEM automotive radiator. NO PROTECTORS.
3. No reserve tanks and no added cooling capacity.
4. No welding or added metal to the core support.

1. Suspension must be original factory suspension for that car. MUST have BOUNCE.
2. No suspension modifications allowed. Must remain stock.

1. Body must remain completely stock. NO SEDAGONS.
2. Nobody seam welding- NO doubling of panels - No crease enhancement - No sheet metal shaping - No added metal- No reinforcing of firewall.
3. Body bolts at the core support and all at the very rear of the car may be replaced with up to and no larger than one (1) inch bolt or all thread with washer no bigger than four (4) inches in diameter and no thick than 1/4 inch. These are too be used to hold down you hood and trunk lid. CANNOT BE SLEEVED.
5. Fenders may not be bolted together.
6. Doors may be chained, wired or welded. Welding the door is the only welding allowed on the car body. When welding doors, it must be done in a six (6) inch weld- Skip six (6) inch pattern.
7. Anything can be removed*** NOTHING CAN BE ADDED*** Except rule three (3) & six (6).

1. Hoods must have two (2) holes, at least four (4) inches in a diameter on each side of the carburetor. Not directly on top of the carburetor. If the hood is removed either the can or fan belt must be removed.
2. Hoods, trunks and tailgates must be open upon request during inspection. If we cannot see, we will cut. Hoods must come to the inspection area with vehicle.
3. Hoods and trunk lid must remain on factory hinges. Hood and trunk lid can be wired or chained in four (4) spots on each side.
4. Rear fenders can be rolled in.
5. No welding or added metal on the hood or trunk.
6. Relocation of the rear speaker deck is not allowed. Must remain in stock position. CAN NOT BE REMOVED.

1. All cars should have a safety cage. A rollover bar is strongly recommended.
2. You should have four (4) point cage. The cage can be welded only. You can have up to four (4) down posts, two (2) per side. You should have a dash bar, a cross bar behind the seat and two (2) door cross bars. The door bars cannot be less than twelve (12) inches off of the floor. Nothing can be ran between the rear wheel humps or welded to the humps. No kickers to the frame humps-front or back. All down post must be straight. NO ANGLES.
3. Rear seat bar must be within eight (8) inches of the back of front seat.
4. Dash bar cannot be more than six (6) inches in front of door seam. Dash bar cannot be in front of front door post.
5. Cage can be made out of three (3) inch pipe or three (3) inch square tubing, Max
6. All down tubes must be at or behind the dash bar, straight up and down. Welded to sheet metal only.
7. All door bars must stop at the dash bar. CANNOT extend to the firewall

1. Protector is allowed for safety. It must be mounted to the rear seat bar. Must be free floating and no wider than twenty-four (24) inches. It cannot be angled and cannot extend past the center of the rear doors.

1. Must remain stock- no welding - no plating. Any reinforcement found will result in disqualification.
2. No pitching, tilting or tipping of frames.
3. No hump plates and no leaf conversions.
4. Steering columns must remain stock for gearbox forward.

1. Bumpers, shocks and brackets must be OEM STOCK*** MUST BE STOCK. Any 80's and newer bumpers can be used on 80's and newer models. No mixing old iron bumpers on 80's and newer or vice versa. Must be mounted with factory material and factory location. Amount of bolts may not exceed typical stock installation. No gussets or bracing. Not to extend behind OEM Mounting bolt location on frame.
2. Bumpers may be welded on, Here is the catch *** you ARE allowed twelve (12) inch of weld per side mount to bumper. The twelve (12) inch can be used to weld bumper to mount, mount to bracket and bracket to frame. No more than twelve (12) inches per side, with no more than twenty four (24) inches of weld total on front of car to mount the bumper. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. No shortening of frame to mount bumper. Stock location and mounting only.
4. Nothing can be added or welded except for what is outlined in rule #2.

1. Any stock engine or transmission may be used in any car, but MUST be mounted within five (5) inches of original motor. Floor shifters are allowed.
2. No performance parts or engines allowed; STOCK ONLY. Engines subject to claimer, So if you would not sell your engine before the derby, Don't bring it. The only acceptable upgrades are: timing chain, headers, basic tune-up ect.***NO HIGH PERFORMANCE REBUILDS***
3. Officials have the right to deny any car participating if the motor is deemed illegal. If at the end of the derby the official deems the motor illegal, the driver will be disqualified, and the placings move up.
4. Engine claimer: only drivers that finish in the money can claim an engine. Claimer will be $ 750.00 dollars (CASH IN HAND ONLY). Claim must be done within the first thirty (30) minutes following the checkered flag. The driver has the right to forfeit his/her winnings or lose his/her motor. It's his/her choice. The claimer has two (2) hours following the derby to pull the motor. Claimer receives the motor only - minus headers and carburetor.
6. Chained, welded or homemade motor mounts will be permitted, BUT must meet approval of officials.
7. Any type of header is allowed, BUT must be directed away from driver compartment.
8. Transmission oil coolers and engine oil cooler are permitted. Must be secure and contained and covered inside the car for Drivers Protection.
9. No pulley protectors, skid plates, distributor protectors, engine cradle modifications, engine or transmission protectors.
1. Any stock OEM factory automobile rear end can be used in any car. NO aftermarket rear ends allowed. No Floater. No reinforcement of rear end allowed
2. On models originally equipped with leaf springs, stock leaf springs and hangers MUST be used. Leaf packs on all cars MUST be OEM stock.
3. Rear end spider gears may be welded solid.
4. OEM driveshaft's ONLY. Welding of driveshaft is permitted. NO SLIDER SHAFTS.
5. You may have five (5) spring clamps per spring. You pick if you want them in front of or behind axle, or split them between front and back.

1. Tires must be DOT ROAD approved tires for automobiles ONLY!!!
2. No double stuffed tires, valve stem protectors or bead locks allowed.
The only welds allowed will be the bumper, cage, doors, motor mounts and spider gears. These are outlined above.
If it doesn't say you can do it, Don't assume you can. CALL FIRST OR DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!
No added metal unless specified above. READ ALL RULES! If you are found to be too BUILT for these rules you have three (3) options:
1. Cut and Remove Illegal parts.
2. Load on Trailer and Go Home
3. Run in the Regular Derby.
Either way you WILL NOT receive a refund.

Friday, July 29, 2016 At 7:00 p.m.

Each driver and mechanics have an obligation to rear the rules for their best interest.
1. Front wheel drive wheel base 108"
2. Motor size four (4) or six (6) cylinder.
3. No restriction son tire size. NO liquid in tires permitted. You MAY use mud tires, But no stud or screws in rims to hold tires. Wheel weights must be removed.

Friday, July 29 2016 At 7:00 p.m.
1. Hood may be fastened in four (4) places. Tailgate may be fastened down in eight (8) places , with only two (2) stands of wire through each hole. Tailgate maybe bolted to the bed and frame in two (2) places. Using no bigger than three (3") inch washers or plates on the bed and cab floors. If all thread is used, it may only be used in four (4) places on hood of truck, one (1") inch diameter limit. No sleeves on all threads. No Welds on hood or tailgate. Wiring must be from sheet metal to sheet metal. No other wiring to bumpers or frames. Inspection Official will make decision on over use of wire. Hood must be left open until after inspection. Hood must come to inspection area with vehicle.
2. You may bolt the bed to the cab or weld it to the cab. You may add four (4) bolts to the frame in bed and cab. NONE in front firewall.
3. May cross engine to different makes.
4. Body can not be welded to frame. No chains from sheet to frame or frame to frame. A arms con be bolted or welded. If welded two (2) straps 1/4" thick by two (2') wide can be used. Rear ends can be chained only two (2) chains to chain the rear end down. NO FRAME SHAPING
5. Four wheel drive can be used. Front drive shaft must be removed.

Friday, July 29 2016 At 7:00 p.m.
1. Four (4) and six (6) cylinder engines only
2. Four wheel driver can be used. Front driveshaft must be removed

Thursday, July 28 2016 At 7:00 p.m.
1. Front bumper must be a Factory bumper off a car, loaded inside ONLY! Seams maybe welded, NO CEMENT!!!!! No homemade bumpers, Bumper can be plated on back, six (6") inches by six (6") inches by 1/4" inch thick. where bumper mounts to frame. NO OTHER PLATES ALOWED ON BUMPER ANYWHERE!!!!!!
2. A shock tube maybe used to mount bumper but can not extend any farther than eight (8) inches from frame.

1. Pitching is allowed in one (1) place with a single pass weld no added metal. DO NOT GRIND, WELD or PAINT. Must be able to see where it is pitched. 1 1/2" diameter spacer can go from frame to bottom of core support. Can be welded to frame and bottom of core support.

1. Fifty percent 50 % of Factory core support mount on frame must be used in stock location.

1. You may use four (4) pieces of one (1) inch all thread ( can be welded to frame) and two (2) pieces of six (6)" inch long 2"x2"x 1/4" angle iron welded to hood and fender with 2 3/8 diameter bolts to hold angle iron together. One (1) set per side of hood.

1. Roll bars are not to extend eight (8) inches past the back of the front seat in it's upright position. All four (4) points can be welded to the frame. Halo bar can be ran, BUT MUST be against the top of the car (inside or out), with two (2) bolts attaching halo to roof of car. Up right bar must be straight up and down!
2. No kickers from cage to firewall. NO Rear kickers on cage.
3. Dash bar must be four (4) inches from center of firewall.
4. One (1) bar allowed from dash bar to halo bar.

1. Free floating gas tank protector twenty-four (24) wide one (1) inch gap top and bottom from package tray cannot be fastened to package tray at all.

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