Power Wheel Demo Regulations

Superintendent - TJ Littlejohn - Ph. 562-1095
Superintendent - Josh Hemi Hommon - Ph. 217-343-3752
5:30 p.m. - Thursday, July 27, 2017


Power Wheel

Will be held at west end of track.
Cost $15.00 for entry fee - Will recieve ticket that will allow you into grandstand
Two age groups - 3 thru 6 year old - 7 thru 9 year old
Entries start at 5:30 with derby scheduled for 6:30
Power Wheel must be four wheel only
No more than a twelve (12) volt system - No car battery
Battery must be fastened down.
Battery can be moved to under seat
No foam, water, screws or self tapper in the tires
Must have a seat belt
Helmet required - can be a bike helmet
Hood must be fastened down with zip ties
No reinforcement of any kind