Power Wheel Demo Regulations

Superintendent - Angie Shook - Ph.562-6938


Power Wheel

Power Wheel Demo Regulations
1. Two age groups- 3,4,5 and 6,7,8
2. Entries start at 5pm, derby scheduled for 6:00pm
3. Any regular electric Power Wheel is allowed. No 4-wheeler or tractor type vehicle allowed.
Childs legs must be in the compartment. Ride in NOT ride on!
4. No more than 12-volt system NO CAR BATTERY
5. Helmets must be worn; a bike helmet is ok.
7. Motors must be stock. No modifications to make the car run faster than stock.
8. All doors and tailgates must be strapped shut. No sharp edges. Use zip ties or duct tape.
9. No foam, water, screw, chains, or self-tapers in the tires. Stock tires only.
10. Decorative changes may be made to make the Power Wheel more like a derby car, but no reinforcement can be made to it.
11. Must have a seat belt!
12. No entry fees!
13. ONE PARENT ONLY will be allowed on the track per child during the event.
14. Balloons will be attached by us! The object is to pop the balloons. The last one with the balloon is the winner.
15. Each of the heats will be given a time limit. If at the end of the heat, there is more than one contestant with an un-popped balloon; the heat will be declared as a tie.
16. If a child gets out of the power wheel at any time of the event, that child is out of the event. If the vehicle has more than one speed, low speed must be used.
REMEMBER: This is for the kids! Do not add something that could cause them not to be able to run! This is for fun, Teach them good sportsmanship!!